Alum Rock

Welcome to Alum Rock

Nestled at the base of the Diablo Range foothills, Alum Rock is a humble, but comfortable residential San Jose neighborhood. It reaches about 1.2 square miles comprised of flat, middle to upper middle-class terrain expanding from Penitencia Creek Road to Story Road. Alum Rock’s residential terrain is divided into micro-neighborhoods. Towards the northern end of the district, there is a sense of polished, upper middle-class aesthetics that escape the rest of the community. Most homes are rather large, two-stories in size and have a two car garage with upstair windows peeking out into the front yards

The Neighbors
Diverse population of professionals
What to Expect
A quiet, manageable neighborhood close enough to downtown, yet just far enough.
The Lifestyle
Laid-back. Short ride to the hills and hiking trails.
What Not to Expect
The hustle and bustle of a metropolitan neighborhood.
The Market
Affordable. Single family homes and great views of the city from the hills.
Peaceful environment and warm weather.



Alum Rock Park

Alum Rock Park in San Jose is one of the largest open reserves in the city. The park’s 740 acres of natural, rugged, beauty provide visitors with many leisure outdoor activities including, hiking, jogging, bicycling and picnicking. Due to it’s proximity to rural, natural lands, the park is home to many wild animals. Those animals include mountain lions, bobcats, deer and a number of hot springs.

One of the many waterfalls in alum rock park.

Small pic of Steve and Rand the Realtors
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