North San Jose

Welcome to North San Jose

This neighborhood consists of semi-modern properties and an eclectic population. The community is well known for its neighborhood gatherings and book clubs. Since the neighborhood has a large land area, North Valley academia changes by location. Because of this, some of the families send their children to one of the top ranked private schools in the area if they are unable to get their children into Piedmont High.

The Neighbors
Welcoming families with well maintained homes.
What to Expect
Calm family oriented neighborhood with neighboring business parks.
The Lifestyle
Neighborhood gatherings and potlucks.
What Not to Expect
Parks and open space to play.
The Market
Very affordable entry level homes.
Peaceful environment and warm weather.

Located In North San Jose


San Jose Creek Trail

North San Jose has the main biking trail running through its south side. This path will take you to the airport or all the way to gilroy. If you're more daring the path can lead you past the airport to SF if you continue to ride.

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