North Valley

Welcome to North Valley

Located toward the north of San Jose, North Valley offers a quiet middle-class community that is known for its clean feel. Tucked-away within the neighborhood are single story commercial buildings used by small to medium sized businesses.

The Neighbors
Trending towards retirees and academics.
What to Expect
An affordable quiet neighborhood far from traffic and high activity.
The Lifestyle
Quiet, clean and hidden.
What Not to Expect
An easy commute into San Francisco—getting to the city means a caltrain commute till BART gets to this neighborhood.
The Market
1950-1970 California-ranch style homes that tend to be fixer uppers. The -adobe walls and red-tilted roofs are big pluses for many.
Hidden gems around every corner.

On The Map


North Valley

BART is on its way...

In 2009 San Jose citizens voted in the expansion of BART to San Jose. The expansion looks to be ahead of schedule and will be open in 2017. This new addition to the community has property prices on the rise. It is a welcomed feature by residence who are looking for a fast way to get to work.

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