Rose Garden

Welcome to Rose Garden

The Rose Garden Neighborhood is named for being the home of the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden and was the original suburb of downtown San Jose. The homes directly around the Rose Garden itself are some of the most expensive in the area. The area consists of Victorian and ranch style homes. Many of the 49ers players live in this neighborhood as it is a low traffic area that is no more than 15mins from Levi’s Stadium.

The Neighbors
Wealthy families with historic and elegant homes.
What to Expect
Short walks to the Rose Garden park and fine dining along The Alameda.
The Lifestyle
Quiet family homes and neighborhood gatherings during the summer.
What Not to Expect
College atmosphere
The Market
Very expensive homes
The Rose Garden and small town feel.

Located In North San Jose


Rose Garden

San José's 5 1/2–acre Municipal Rose Garden – a one-time prune orchard – is today one of the most attractive of its kind in the world, drawing thousands of visitors each year. The garden is exclusively devoted to shrubs of the rose family and features over 4,000 rose shrubs with 189 varieties represented. Hybrid–teas comprise 75% of the plantings. These shrubs are characterized by a single high centered bloom per stem.

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