West San Jose

Welcome to West San Jose

West San Jose offers moderately priced middle-class housing. West San Jose is consists of a multiple small neighborhoods, which makes it hard to describe in a single breath. It is attractive because of its proximity to Apple, Google, and Santana Row. The best part of this area is that it is surrounded by some of the best schools in the nation and borders Saratoga.

The Neighbors
A diverse community of middle aged professionals
What to Expect
A laid-back lifestyle and an easy commute to work or shopping.
The Lifestyle
Carefree outdoor strolls, stress-free shopping, and very little nightlife.
What Not to Expect
The abundant entertainment options found in many other areas of San Jose.
The Market
Moderately Priced. Mostly 1950’s ranch homes.
The amazing schools and access to highways.

On The Map


West San Jose

Historic San Jose mixed with small town atmosphere

West San Jose is surrounded by Santa Clara, Cupertino, and Saratoga. One of San Jose’s oldest landmarks, the Winchester Mystery House is located within its borders. With over 25 schools and movie theaters in the neighborhood it is a popular spot for new families and middle aged professionals.

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