It was very easy and fun working with Steve!

Why did you choose Steve to assist you in your home purchase?

K/JP We met him at his open house and we had instant chemistry with him. He was eager to assist us and we appreciated his enthusiasm.

What was your home buying experience like?

K/JP It was very easy and fun working with Steve! Communication was very easy because he was so responsive.

Steve Assisting Karine and Jean-Pierre was a dream. They made it so easy, because both of them were always willing to get on a call with me. Aligning their needs and receiving feedback made the process smooth.

What was most surprising to you about the home buying process?

K/JP The amount of paperwork to read, re-read, and sign! We didn't realize the complexity of this transaction. But it was ok, because Steve helped us with all the details. He made sure to go over everything with us and highlighted the most important area’s.

K I’m an anxious person and you really helped to keep me calm by pointing out the things that are really important for us to read. The process felt far less stressful. Especially, since we needed to find and purchase a home in 2 months.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

K I love being close to the mountains and being just a 15min walk to our daughters school.

JP It’s great being right around the corner from a running trail. My daughter and I love to run so that has been a wonderful surprise.

Are there any hidden gems in your neighborhood?

K/JP Definitely the running trails and the proximity to Campbell and Los Gatos.

What is the best advice that you have received?

K/JP Enjoy every minute of life!


  • - Found and purchased a home in 2 months
  • - Smooth process
  • - Steve helped with all the details of a complex transaction
  • - Eager to assist

Small pic of Steve and Rand the Realtors
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